Pedagogy Seminar

The Complete Rudiments Teacher (What the textbooks don’t tell you)

Everyone teaches rudiments.

Well, if not formally, then during the practical lesson. The study of rudiments is a formative experience for every student. At the
very least, it lays the foundation for an understanding of a very complex language; at best, it creates a solid base on which the student builds a knowledge of (and appreciation for) harmony, analysis, music history and style.

Rudiments textbooks provide teachers and students with the necessary information to write a successful examination – but do they reveal the total picture? How can we make the study of rudiments interesting for our students? How do we convince them of the relevance of what they are learning? And how do we move beyond the demands of a rudiments examination to ensure that students become optimal candidates for the study of harmony and history?

This half-day seminar for teachers will present many rudiments topics in a new light (and many other topics of importance that reach beyond the confines of a syllabus.) It will help teachers better understand how the study of rudiments is not an end to itself, but rather, a vital stepping stone enabling their students to explore music at a higher level.

Suggested materials: Theory Syllabus 2009 Edition and manuscript paper.

Location: The Church 4760 Concession 7 Sunnidale, New Lowell, Ontario, L0M 1N0

Fee: $40  Payment Via PayPal at the Phoenix Conservatory website or by cheque (payable to Phoenix Conservatory).
Refreshments will be served before and during the session.
Please note: this is a repeat of the seminar I gave last spring in Barrie, Ontario

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