Theory Class Policies

Class Size

Online classes require a minimum of three students. If only two students are registered, they each have the option of paying an additional 50% of the course fee. If other students register after the fact, that premium will be refunded to the students.

Payment and Registration

Parents/students are asked to complete the information on the Online Registration Form, as requested, and submit their payment to the PCM.

Cheques should be made payable to:  Phoenix Conservatory of Music

It is recommended that the student’s name and course choice be noted on the cheque.

A student is guaranteed a place in the class only after payment has been received and processed, at which time the PCM will submit to the student confirmation of their registration (usually via e-mail).

Payments by cheque should be mailed to, or dropped off at:
Phoenix Conservatory of Music
4760 Concession Road 7 Sunnidale, R.R.1
New Lowell, Ontario, L0M 1N0

Course Withdrawal

Withdrawal from a course is permitted, but no later than before the 2nd class has taken place. A processing fee of $25 per course will be deducted from the amount refunded. The PCM may require up to 30 days to complete the refund transaction. There is no penalty for students who wish to exchange one course for another, so long as the transfer occurs within the same academic term.

Missed Classes

No special consideration, financial or otherwise, will be given to students who miss classes, regardless of the reason. The instructor will ensure that any materials given out in their absence will be forwarded to them upon their return.

Students who miss classes, or are otherwise unable to attend the scheduled classes, may time shift their participation by viewing the recording of the lecture.

Designated Instructor

Joe Ringhofer is proud to be pioneering online learning. All classes and lessons are taught by him, unless indicated otherwise.

Examination Registration

It is the responsibility of every student to register themselves for the RCM Examination for which they are being prepared, on or before the prescribed RCME registration deadline.

Students are required by the PCM to include their instructor’s RCME Teacher Number on their online examination application.

CANADIAN students must register for their theory examinations at examinations.rcmusic.ca and use Mr. Ringhofer’s “Canadian” teacher number: 17620.

AMERICAN students must register for their assessments at musicdevelopmentprogram.org and use Mr. Ringhofer’s “American” teacher number: 01527.

Private Lesson Policies

Lessons are paid for in blocks of ten; payment is due before or no later than at the first lesson.
Lessons are taken on a weekly basis, and at a regular reserved time.
Lesson times can be arranged to suit the student’s needs: 60 min., 75 min., 90 min. or longer.

Two students may share the lesson time, with each student paying half of the hourly cost. The PCM does not endeavour to match students together; such arrangements have to be made by the students themselves. (For example: two friends, a brother and sister, etc.)

Lessons are charged for weekly, irrespective of whether the student attends the lesson. A make-up lesson is offered only when a cancellation has occurred due to illness. The make-up lesson must be taken within two weeks of the cancellation. (Note: The PCM cannot incur the lost revenue associated with lessons missed due to school trips, basketball games, attending weddings, school examinations, etc. Parents need to be mindful of this policy before double-booking their children.)

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